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2003 Group Meeting--Presented Paper
Date SpeakerPaperDownload Files
03-03-27Chien-Liang Wuδ-Clusters: Capturing Subspace Correlation in a Large Data Set   
03-05-23Chen-Yi LinEfficiently Mining Frequent Trees in a Forest    
03-05-29Yu-Ting KungRapid association rule mining    
03-07-14Chien-Liang WuUsing Category-Based Adherence to Cluster Market-Basket Data   
03-07-22Chen-Yi LinMining Association Rules from Stars    
03-08-05Yu-Ting KungCLOSET+ : Searching for the Best Strategies for Mining Frequent Closed Itemsets    
03-09-11Chien-Liang WuScalable Algorithms for Association Mining    
03-09-18Chien-Liang WuFast Vertical Mining Using Diffsets    
03-09-26Chen-Yi LinA Parameterised Algorithm for Mining Association Rules    
03-10-03Yu-Ting KungFrom Path tree to Frequent Patterns: A Framework for Mining Frequent Patterns    
03-11-06Yu-Ting KungMining Sequential Patterns with Constraints in Large Database    
03-11-13Chien-Liang WuInverted Matrix: Efficient Discovery of Frequent Items in Large Datasets in the Context of Interactive Mining    
03-11-20Chen-Yi LinOn Mining General Temporal Association Rules in a Publication Database    
03-12-04Yu-Ting KungMining General Temporal Association Rules for Items with Different Exhibition Periods    
03-12-15Chun-Wei HsiehReal Time Video Data Mining for Surveillance Video Streams    

2004 Group Meeting--Presented Paper
Date SpeakerPaperDownload Files
04-01-08Ming-Jing TsaiA New Method for Finding Generalized Frequent Itemsets in Generalized Association Rule Mining   
04-02-13Chen-Yi LinSmartMiner: A Depth First Algorithm Guided by Tail Information for Mining Maximal Frequent Itemsets   
04-02-20Yu-Ting KungProgressive Weighted Miner-An Efficient Method for Time-Constraint Mining    
04-02-27Chien-Liang WuDHC: A Density-Based Hierarchical Clustering Method for Time Series Gene Expression Data   
04-03-05Ming-Jing TsaiMining Frequent Episodes for Relating Financial Events and Stock Trends   
04-03-12Chun-Wei HsiehCMining Frequent Patterns in Data Streams at Multiple Time Granularities    
04-04-02Yu-Ting KungA Sliding Window Method for Finding Recently Frequent Itemsets over Online Data Streams    
04-04-09Chen-Yi LinMining the Informative Rule Set for Prediction    
04-04-16Chien-Liang WuApproximate Frequency Counts over Data Streams    
04-04-23Ming-Jing TsaiStream Processing of XPath Queries with Predicates    
04-04-30Chun-Wei HsiehA Regression-Based Temporal Pattern Mining Scheme for Data Streams    
04-05-07Chien-Liang WuA Fast Algorithm for Subspace Clustering by Pattern Similarity    
04-05-14Yu-Ting KungMusic Classification Using Significant Repeating Patterns    
04-07-07Ming-Jing TsaApproximate Counting of Frequent Query Patterns over XQuery    
04-07-14Chun-Wei HsiehOn Improving Website Connectivity by Using Web-Log Data Streams    
04-07-21Shu-Ning ShinDynamically Maintaining Frequent Items Over A Data Stream   
04-07-28Chien-Liang WuExAMiner Optimized Level-wise Frequent Pattern Mining with Monotone Constraints   
04-08-05Ming-Jing TsagSpan: Graph-Based Substructure Pattern Mining    
04-08-12Shu-Ning ShinWhen to Update the Sequential Patterns of Stream Data   
04-08-26Chun-Wei HsiehAdaptive Mining Techniques for Data Streams using Algorithm Output Granularity    
04-10-08Chien-Liang WuA Framework for Clustering Evolving Data Streams    
04-10-22Ming-Jing TsaAn Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Sequences by a New Strategy without Support Counting    
04-11-19Chun-Wei HsiehA New Algorithm for Gap Constrained Sequence Mining    
04-12-03Shu-Ning ShinFinding Recent Frequent Itemsets Adaptively over Online Data Streams    
04-12-10Chien-Liang WuA Framework for Projected Clustering of High Dimensional Data Streams    
04-12-31邱紹禎Mining Frequent Query Patterns from XML Queries    

2005 Group Meeting--Presented Paper
Date SpeakerPaperDownload Files
05-01-07Ming-Jing TsaiSPIN: Mining Maximal Frequent Subgraphs from Graph Databases   
05-01-14Pei-Min ChouActive Mining of Data Streams   
05-01-21董原賓Systematic Data Selection to Mine Concept-Drifting Data Streams    
05-02-25Chun-Wei HsiehIncSpan: Incremental Mining of Sequential Patterns in Large Database   
05-03-04Shu-Ning ShinAn Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Itemests over the Entire History of Data Streams   
05-03-11Chien-Liang WuClustering Categorical Data Streams    
05-03-18Chao-Chen ChiuEfficient Mining of XML Query Patterns for Caching    
05-03-25董原賓Dynamic Classifier Selection for Effective Mining from Noisy    
05-04-01Pei-Min ChouOn Demand Classification of Data Streams    
05-04-15Ming-Jing TsaiDiagonally Subgraphs Pattern Mining    
05-04-29Chun-Wei HsiehMining Sequential Pattern Across Data Streams    
05-05-06Shu-Ning ShinMoment: Maintaining Closed Frequent Itemsets over a Stream Sliding window    
05-05-13YChien-Liang WuSCLOPE: An Algorithm for Clustering Data Streams of Categorical Attributes    
05-05-28董原賓Forest Trees for online data    
05-06-10Pei-Min ChouMining Changes of Classification by Correspondence Tracing    
05-09-09Chun-Wei HsiehDSM-TKP: Mining Top-K Path Traversal Patterns over Web Click-Streams   
05-09-16Ming-Jing TsaAn Efficient Algorithm for Discovering Frequent Subgraphs   
05-09-23董原賓Mining Frequent Itemsets from Data Streams with a Time-Sensitive Sliding Window    
05-09-30Pei-Min ChouFinding Approximate Repeating Patterns from Sequence Data   
05-10-07Chien-Liang WuClustering Moving Objects    
>05-10-14Chun-Wei HsiehMaintaining Knowledge-Based of Navigational Patterns from Streams of Navigational Sequences    
05-10-21Ming-Jing TsaADiscovering Frequent Topological Structures from Graph Datasets    
05-10-28董原賓Online Mining (Recently) Maximal Frequent Itemsets Over Data Streams    
05-11-04Pei-Min ChouDepth-First Non-Derivable Itemset Mining    
05-11-18Chien-Liang WuMining Compressed Frequent-Pattern Sets    
05-11-25Chun-Wei HsiehParallel Mining of Closed Sequential Patterns    
05-12-09Ming-Jing TsaMining Closed Relational Graphs with Connectivity Constraints    
05-12-16董原賓An Efficient Algorithm for Incremental Mining of Association Rules    
05-12-30Pei-Min ChouMining Non-Derivable Association Rules    

2006 Group Meeting--Presented Paper
Date SpeakerPaperDownload Files
06-01-06Yu-Jiun LiuSummarizing Itemset Patterns: A Profile Based   
06-01-13林靜怡Finding Frequent Itemsets by Transaction Mapping   
06-02-17Tsui-Feng YenCDS-Tree: An Effective Index for Clustering Arbitrary Shapes in Data Streams    
06-03-03Chien-Liang WuDensity-Based Clustering over an Evolving Data Stream with Noise   
06-03-10Chun-Wei HsiehSummarizing Sequential Data with Closed Partial Orders   
06-03-17Ming-Jing TsaMining Tree Queries in A Graph    
06-04-07董原賓Finding (Recently) Frequent Items in Distributed Data Streams    
06-04-21Pei-Min ChouAn Efficient Approach to Extracting Approximate Repeating Patterns    
06-04-28Yu-Jiun LiuWINP: A Window-based Incremental and Parallel Clustering Algorithm for Very Large Databases    
06-05-05林靜怡Finding Maximal Frequent Itemsets over Online Data Streams Adaptively    
06-05-12Tsui-Feng YenA Fast High Utility Itemsets Mining Algorithm    
06-05-19Chien-Liang WuLabeling Unclustered Categorical Data into Clusters Based on the Important Attribute Values    
06-05-26Chun-Wei HsiehMaintaining Frequent Itemsets over High-Speed Data Streams    
06-10-04Yu-Jiun LiuOn Reducing Classifier Granularity in Mining Concept-Drifting Data Streams    
06-10-11林靜怡CFI-Stream: Mining Closed Frequent Itemsets in Data Streams    
06-10-18Tsui-Feng YenIGB: A new Informative Generic Base of Association Rules   
06-10-25Chien-Liang WuClustering Aggregation   
06-11-08Yu-Jiun LiuTuring Clusters into Patterns: Rectangle-based Discriminative Data Description    
06-11-15林靜怡CanTree: A Tree Structure for Efficient Incremental Mining of Frequent Patterns   
06-11-22Tsui-Feng YenMining in Anticipation for Concept Change: Proactive-Reactive Prediction in Data Stream    
06-12-13Chien-Liang WuMONIC - Modeling and Monitoring Cluster Transitions    

2007 Group Meeting--Presented Paper
Date SpeakerPaperDownload Files
07-01-10Yu-Jiun LiuMovie Review Mining and Summarization   
07-01-17林靜怡AC-Close: Efficiently Mining Approximate Closed Itemsets by Core Pattern Recovery   
07-01-24Tsui-Feng YenMining Progressive Confident Rules    
07-01-31Chien-Liang WuCOALA: A Novel Approach for the Extraction of an Alternate Clustering of High Quality and High Dissimilarity   
07-03-08Yu-Jiun LiuLazy Associative Classification   
07-03-15林靜怡δ-Tolerance Closed Frequent Itemsets    
07-03-22Tsui-Feng YenSearching for Pattern Rules    
07-03-29Chien-Liang WuEfficiently Clustering Transactional data with Weighted Coverage Density    
07-09-27Yi-Lang TuAC-Close Efficiently Mining Approximate Closed Itemsets by Core Pattern Recovery    
07-10-02Huei-Jyun LiDense Itemsets    
07-10-09Pei-Chun ShihEfficient Discovery of Frequent Approximate Sequential Patterns    
07-10-16Che-Wei LianggApprox Mining Frequent Approximate Patterns from a Massive Network    
07-10-30Yi-Lang TuMaintaining Frequent Itemsets over High Speed Data Streams    
07-11-06Huei-Jyun LiEntropy-based Concept Shift Detection    
07-11-13Pei-Chun ShihA Fast Algorithm For Finding Frequent Episodes In Event Streams    
07-11-20Chien-Liang WuTruth Discovery with Multiple Conflicting Information Providers on the Web   
07-12-04Yi-Lang TuMining Templates from Search Result Records of Search Engines    
07-12-11Huei-Jyun LiMining Colossal Frequent Patterns by Core Pattern Fusion    

2008 Group Meeting--Presented Paper
Date SpeakerPaperDownload Files
08-01-02Pei-Chun ShihApplying Collaborative Filtering Techniques to Movie Search for Better Ranking and Browsing   
08-01-08Che-Wei LiangA Framework For Community Identification in Dynamic Social Networks   
08-03-06Yi-Lang TuCorroborate and Learn Facts from the Web    
08-03-13Huei-Jyun LiMining Optimal Decision Trees from Itemset Lattices   
08-03-20Pei-Chun ShihOpinion Retrieval from Blogs   
08-04-10Che-Wei LiangUsing Hierarchical Clustering for Learning the Ontologies used in Recommendation Systems    
08-04-17 Yi-Lang TuComments-Oriented Blog Summarization by Sentence Extraction    
08-05-01Huei-Jyun LiSemantic Verification in an Online Fact Seeking Environment    
08-05-08Pei-Chun ShihA Knowledge-Based Search Engine Powered by Wikipedia    
08-05-15Che-Wei LiangDeveloping Learning Strategies for Topic-based Summarization    
08-05-29Yi-Lang TuFrom Frequent Itemsets to Semantically Meaningful Visual Patterns    
08-06-05Huei-Jyun LiMining Frequent Itemsets in a Stream    
08-06-12Pei-Chun ShihDiscovering Web Communities in the Blogspace    
08-06-19Che-Wei LiangDiscovery of blog communities based on mutual awareness    
08-06-26Yi-Lang TuDiscovering Weblog Communities A Content- and Topology-Based Approach    
08-07-03Pei-Chun ShihDiscovering Authorities in Question Answer Communities by Using Link Analysis   
08-07-10Che-Wei LiangMining Bulletin Board Systems Using Community   
08-07-17 Huei-Jyun LiContextual Search and Name Disambiguation in Email Using Graphs    
08-08-01Yi-Lang TuSummarizing Email Conversations with Clue Words    
08-08-07Pei-Chun ShihUsing Blog Properties to Improve Retrieval   
08-08-14Che-Wei LiangEmail Alias Detection Using Socail Network Analysis   
08-08-21Huei-Jyun LiPatterns of Cascading Behavior in Large Blog Graphs    
08-08-26Yi-Lang TuIdentifying Opinion Leaders in the Blogosphere   
08-09-04Pei-Chun ShihLexPageRank Prestige in Multi-Document Text Summarization   
08-09-18Che-Wei LiangDiscovering Important Nodes through Graph Entropy    
08-09-25Huei-Jyun LiVerifying and Mining Frequent Patterns from Large Windows    
08-10-02Yu-Wen HsuEfficient Search Ranking in Social Network    
08-10-16Chin-Wei ChoAdding Semantics to Email Clustering    
08-10-23Yi-Lin HsuAssociation Rule Mining for Suspicious Email Detection    
08-10-30Yi-Ling TaiVisualising Collaboration via Email    
08-11-06Chou-Bin FanCollaborative OpenSocial Network Dataset based Email Ranking and Filtering    
08-11-13Chien-Liang WuStructural and Temporal Analysis of the Blogosphere Through Community Factorization    
08-11-20Shun-hong SieWeb Search Personalization with Ontological User Profile    
08-11-27Yi-Lang TuIdentifying the Influential Bloggers in a Community    
08-12-04Pei-Chun ShihIAn Effective Statistical Approach to Blog Post Opinion Retrieval   
08-12-11Che-Wei LiangAutomated Social Hierarchy Detection through Email Network Analysis   
08-12-18Huei-Jyun LiDynamic Faceted Search for Discovery-driven Analysis    
08-12-25Yu-Wen HsuFinding Spread Blockers in Dynamic Networks    

2009 Group Meeting--Presented Paper
Date SpeakerPaperDownload Files
09-01-08Chin-Wei ChoRetrieval Models for Question and Answer Archives   
09-01-15Yi-Lin HsuPredicting Information Seeker Satisfaction in Community Question Answering   
09-02-09Yi-Ling TaiFinding Question-Answer Pairs from Online Forums   
09-02-16Chou-Bin FanDynamics of Collaborative Document Rating Systems    
09-02-23Chien-Liang WuDBconnect: Mining Research Community on DBLP Data   
09-03-02Shun-hong SieOntology Engineering and Feature Construction for Predicting Friendship Links in the Live Journal Social Network   
09-03-09Yi-Lang TuFinding High-Quality Content in Social Media    
09-03-16 Pei-Chun ShihUsing Friendship Ties and Family Circles for Link Prediction    
09-03-23Che-Wei LiangFinding Experts Using Network Analysis    
09-03-30 Huei-Jyun LiLink Privacy in Social Networks    
09-04-06Yu-Wen HsuOpinion Spam and Analysis    
09-04-13 Chin-Wei ChoFeedback Effects between Similarity and Social Influence in Online Communities    
09-04-27Yi-Lin HsuKey Blog Distillation: Ranking Aggregates    
09-05-11Yi-Ling TaiAn Effective Statistical Approach to Blog Post Opinion Retrieval    
09-05-18Chou-Bin FanVisual Segmentation-Based Data Record Extraction from Web Documents    
09-05-25Chien-Liang WuHierarchical Document Clustering Using Frequent Itemsets   
09-06-01Shun-hong SiePersonalized Recommendation in Social Tagging Systems Using Hierarchical Clustering   
09-07-07Yu-Wen HsuSentiment Analysis of Blogs by Combining Lexical Knowledge with Text Classification    
09-07-14Chin-Wei ChoA Probabilistic Graphical Model for Joint Answer Ranking in Question Answering    
09-07-21 Yi-Lin HsuMining Multi-Faceted Overviews of Arbitrary Topics in a Text Collection   
09-07-28Yi-Ling TaiInteresting nuggets and their impact on definitional question answering   
09-08-04Chou-Bin FanBlog Site Search Using Resource Selection    
09-08-11Chien-Liang WuExploiting Wikipedia as External Knowledge for Document Clustering   
09-08-18Shun-hong SieImproving Recommendation Lists Through Topic Diversification    
09-08-25Che-Wei LiangMining Social Networks for Personalized Email Prioritization    
09-09-01 Yu-Wen HsuEntity Discovery and Assignment for Opinion Mining Applications    
09-09-16Chin-Wei ChoA Classification-based Approach to Question Answeing in Discussion Boards    
09-09-21Yi-Lin HsuIncorporating Site-level Knowledge for Incremental Crawling of Web Forums A List-wise Strategy    
09-09-28Yi-Ling TaiDetecting spammers and content promoters in online video social networks    
09-10-05Chou-Bin FanRetrieval and Feedback Models for Blog Feed Search    
09-10-12Chien-Liang WuExtracting Key Terms From Noisy and Multi-theme Documents    
09-10-19Shun-hong SieMachine Learning Approach for Ontology Mapping using Multiple Concept Similarity Measures    
09-10-26Che-Wei LiangContextual Analysis of User Interests in Social Media Sites    
09-11-02Yu-Wen HsuAdaptive Subjective Triggers for Opinionated Document Retreivel   
09-11-09Chin-Wei ChoEnhancing Cluster Label Using Wikipedia   
09-11-16Yi-Lin HsuNamed Entity Recognition in Query    
09-11-23Yi-Ling TaiMeasuring the Similarity Between Implicit Semantic Relations using Web Search Engines    
09-11-30Chou-Bin FanBlog Cascade Affinity Analysis and Prediction    
09-12-14 Chien-Liang WuExploiting Internal and External Semantics for the Clustering of Short Texts Using World Knowledge    
09-12-21 Shun-hong SieEvidence of Quality of Textual Features on the Web 2.0    

2010 Group Meeting--Presented Paper
Date SpeakerPaperDownload Files
10-01-04Yu-cheng SieSELC: A Self-Supervised Model for Sentiment Classification   
10-01-18Shongwe NonhlanhlaUser-Induced Links in Collaborative Tagging Systems   
10-01-25Yi-Jhen LinQuery Dependent Pseudo-Relevance Feedback based on Wikipedia   
10-02-01 Hsin-Lan WangScalable Learning of Collective Behavior Based on Sparse Social Dimensions    
10-02-08Yu-Wen HsuA Unified Relevance Model for Opinion Retrieval    
10-03-01Chin-Wei ChoA Word Clustering Approach for Language Model-based Sentence Retrieval in Question Answering Systems    
10-03-08Yi-Lin HsuRoleNet: Movie Analysis from the Perspective of Social Networks    
10-03-15Yi-Ling TaiLearning in a pairwise term-term proximity framework for information retrieval    
10-03-22Chou-Bin FanClustering the Tagged Web    
10-03-29Chien-Liang WuA Particle-and-Density Based Evolutionary Clustering Method for Dynamic Networks    
10-04-12 Shun-hong Sie Folks in Folksonomies-Social Link Prediction from Shared Metadata    
10-04-19Yu-cheng Sie Topic-Dependent Sentiment Analysis of Financial Blogs    
10-04-26Shongwe Nonhlanhla Mining Data Streams with Periodically changing Distributions    
10-05-03Yi-Jhen Lin Probabilistic Models of Novel Document Rankings for Faceted Topic Retrieval    
10-05-10 Hsin-Lan Wang Helping Editors Choose Better Seed Sets for Entity    
10-05-24 Yu-Wen Hsu Generating Comparative Summaries of Contradictory Opinions in Text    
10-06-07Chin-Wei Cho Personalized, Interactive Question Answering on the Web    
10-06-14Yi-Lin Hsu Incident Threading for News Passages    
10-08-09Yu-Cheng Hsieh The Wisdom of the Few    
10-08-16Shongwe Nonhlanhla Effective Multi-Label active Learning for Text Classification    
10-08-24Yi-Jhen Lin PQC_Personalized Query Classification    
10-08-30Hsin-Lan Wang Clustering Web Queries    
10-09-14Yu-Wen Hsu Interactive Retrieval Based on Faceted Feedback    
10-09-21Yu-Cheng Hsieh Finding Support Sentences for Entities    
10-09-28Shongwe Nonhlanhla Efficient Query Expansion for Advertisement Search    
10-10-12Yi-Jhen Lin Adaptive relevance feedback in information retrieval    
10-10-19Hsin-Lan Wang Social Media Recommendation based on People and Tags    
10-10-26Yu-Wen Hsu Context-Aware Ranking in Web Search    
10-11-09Yu-Cheng Hsieh Connecting the Dots Between News Articles    
10-11-23Shongwe Nonhlanhla Person Name Disambiguation by Bootstrapping    
10-11-30Yi-Jhen Lin BioSnowball_Automated Population of Wikis    
10-12-07Hsin-Lan Wang Summarizing Contrastive Viewpoints in Opinionated Text    
10-12-14Yu-Wen Hsu Entity Ranking Using Wikipedia as a Pivot    
10-12-21Yu-Cheng Hsieh Prediction Short-Term Interests Using Activity-Based Search Context