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Feb 12, 2010
2008 Group Meeting--Paper Discussion
Date SpeakerTopic for discussionDownload File
08-09-18Chin-Wei ChoInformation Retrieval and Web Search
08-09-25Yi-Ling TaiInformation Retrieval Models
08-09-25Yi-Lin HsuRelevance Feedback
08-10-02Chou-Bin FanEvaluation Measures
08-10-16Yu-Wen HsuText and Web Page Pre-Processing
08-10-16Chin-Wei ChoInverted Index and Its Compression
08-10-23Yi-Ling TaiLatent Semantic Indexing
08-10-23Yi-Lin HsuWeb Search
08-10-30Chou-Bin FanMeta-Search and Combining Multiple Ranking
08-10-30Yu-Wen HsuWeb spamming
08-11-06Chin-Wei ChoSocial Network Analysis
08-11-06Yi-Ling TaiCo-Citation and Bibliographic Coupling
08-11-13Yi-Lin HsuPage Rank
08-11-20Chou-Bin FanHITS
08-11-27Yu-Wen HsuCommunity Discovery
08-12-04Chin-Wei ChoSentiment Classification
08-12-04Yi-Ling TaiFeature-Based Opinion Mining and Summarization
08-12-11Yi-Lin HsuComparative Sentence and Relation Mining
08-12-18Chou-Bin FanOpinion Search
08-12-18Yu-Wen HsuOpinion Spam
08-12-25Chin-Wei ChoData Collection and Pre-Processing
09-01-08Yi-Ling TaiData Modeling for Web Usage Mining
09-01-15Yi-Lin HsuDiscovery and Analysis of Web Usage Patterns
09-02-09Chou-Bin FanDiscussion and Outlook

2009 Group Meeting--Paper Discussion
Date SpeakerTopic for discussionDownload File
09-09-21Yu-Cheng HsiehInformation Retrieval and Web Search
09-09-28Shongwe NonhlanhlaInformation Retrieval Models
09-10-05Yi-Jhen LinRelevance Feedback
09-10-12Hsin-Lan WangEvaluation Measures
09-10-26Yu-Cheng HsiehText and Web Page Pre-Processing
09-11-09Shongwe NonhlanhlaLatent Semantic Indexing
09-11-16Yi-Jhen LinWeb Search
09-11-30Hsin-Lan WangMeta-Search and Combining Multiple Ranking
09-12-14Yu-Cheng HsiehWeb spamming
10-01-04Shongwe NonhlanhlaInverted Index and Its Compression
10-01-18Yi-Jhen LinSocial Network Analysis
10-01-25Hsin-Lan WangCo-Citation and Bibliographic Coupling
10-02-01Yu-Cheng HsiehPage Rank

2010 Group Meeting--Paper Discussion
Date SpeakerTopic for discussionDownload File
10-10-19Po-Hsien ShihInformation Retrieval and Web Search
10-10-26Sheng-Hong ChungInformation Retrieval Models
10-11-09Guang-Ting ChiangRelevance Feedback
10-11-23Po-Hsien ShihEvaluation Measures
10-11-30Sheng-Hong ChungText and Web page preprocessing
10-12-07Guang-Ting ChiangInverted Index and Its Compression
10-12-14Po-Hsien ShihLatent Semantic Indexing
10-12-11Sheng-Hong ChungWeb Search
11-03-07Guang-Ting ChiangMeta Search and Combining Multiple Ranking